Cultural Walking Tour of Selected Coffee Shops

Duration: 180 min
Price: €100
Min people: 1
Max people: 10

Amsterdam’s legendary coffee shops are known not for coffee, but for the welcoming environment they provide for canna-lovers. If you’re looking for coffee, head to a café or koffiehuis; otherwise check out the pot scene with a coffee shop tour. Here’s what you need to know. The Original Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour covers: – founding ideas of Amsterdam’s Coffee shops – the Netherlands approach to Cannabis and drugs – Dutch drug laws – weed pass (wietpas) – types and varieties – weed, hash, lollipops, and cake(What works and what not) We'll learn: – how the weed is grown – how hash is made – how cannabis cake is made – how to recognize good and bad weed – retail industry: seeds, weed, and hash – supply chain to Cannabis coffee shops. – local and tourist coffee shops Things to Know Cannabis is not technically legal in the Netherlands, though it is widely tolerated. Walking tours typically depart from a central location in the afternoon and last two to three hours. Some tours combine visits to a couple coffee shops with the Red Light District or other attractions in central Amsterdam. For tours that involved food sampling, dietary restrictions may be accommodated with advance notice.



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