Tour to the Paigah Tombs

Duration: 120 min
Price: €35
Min people: 1
Max people: 25

Spread across an area of 30-40 acres, the origin of Paigah Tombs can be traced back to late 18th century. One of the popular sightseeing places of Hyderabad, Paigah Tombs are known for their architectural excellence. One of the best examples of Indo Saracenic architecture, the tombs presents a beautiful blend of Asaf Jah and Rajputani style of architecture. Built of white marble, Paigah tombs captivate visitors with intricately designed interiors. Paigah Tombs have been decorated with exceptionally crafted geometrical patterns and carefully created designs. These tombs have been skilfully carved and their inlaid mosaic tile work is breathtaking. The famous ‘Jali’ work makes it even more attractive. Each Tomb has been designed differently, ensuing a unique style and design. Each Paigah tomb is consisted of elaborate covering and marble fences which are adorned with exemplary geometrical and floral designs. However, if you observe carefully, you will be able to notice the designing difference between the tombs. The semi circular arches, representing Indian architecture, are also seen here.



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