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The answer is clear, but let us, in English manners, cite undeniable arguments and support our claims.  England is an essential component of the colourful mosaic named the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Scientists enthusiastically support the thesis that the country's history dates over 800 000 years back.  In the north you will be fascinated by the battle cry of the Scottish bagpipes, in the west you will be burnt by the erupting fire of the Red Dragon of the national flag of Wales, and in the south and east you will be able to inhale the freedom and tranquility thanks to the endless marine contours. Did we grab your attention? The centuries-old development of the island nation goes through thousands of trials, but the reckoning in the 21st century is more than eloquent – England is a leading cultural, touristic and financial center.
Let's play some associations. What's the first thing you know, thinking about England? Yes, the waving hand of  the Queen of England is a good suggestion, but we mean another. Correct answer! London! Cosmopolitan city-state that offers a cocktail of theatrical scenes that make you feel dizzy,  views that make your heart beat faster, provided graciously by the river Thames and  Little Venice, an excessive amount of adrenaline and photos for social networks while looking through the London Eye.  And not just that.  Surely you should argue with the Elizabeth`s clock tower, the friendly Big Ben, and convince it that it needs to sleep for at least two hours so to let you find youself  in the wax universe at Madame Tussaud`s museum. Here you can make dreams come true like this to do a duet with the exact replica of Whitney Houston or to curl your eyes, gather your voice and say as an action hero "Hasta La Vista, baby!" in the face of the motionless Arnold Schwarzenegger. Before you leave the confines of London, impressed by its colourful rainbow image, would be desirable to bow by reciting a monologue to the memory of the one of a kind Shakespeare, to remember Newton's law of gravity, or to take a position in the eternal dispute over whether the man comes from a monkey, defending his thesis before Charles Darwin.

The spirit and mind of all these influential personalities inhabits Westminster Abbey – another destination that you have to write in capital letters in your tourist itinerary. If you think that London is the first and final touch in the masterpiece of William Hogarth, called England, you deceive yourself.  Do you like mysticism? Do you believe in astrology? Whatever the answer, it will pale before the stone grandeur of Stonehenge. Concentric circles of monoliths are able to hypnotize any one who dared to experience in depth the essence of the cult of the ancient population. England impresses even the most unbreakable  human nature at first glance and locked doors of consciousness, with its small villages and frozen in time towns which illustrations come to life and create the most picturesque historical comics ever created in the world. Just think – Roman thermal baths, remaining intact and without a scar through the centuries, unspoiled nature, infinite green meadows in strong mountain hugs, bays without steps on the sand. A paradise in the bowels of Europe.The culinary image of England also deserves to be caught in the spotlight. The English breakfast is well known  and it is not to be missed, especially if you need more than a ray of energy to travel around the bizarre corners of the country. Toasted bread, eggs, bacon and sausage, served with coffee or tea and with a gentlemen`s accent, will awaken your appetite beyond recognition. Definitely England is a country of taste, a country offering hundreds of ways to please your stomach. Before you go on a journey, you should also know what awaits you for lunch and dinner – aromatic and crunchy chicken meat, fish temptations and a steaming pie.... that's enough. Stop licking your lips and hurry to get back in time, because serving here is with frightening accuracy.Before we finish, we consider it`s our mission to warn you that English time has a temper. It can smile at you for a long time and deceive you with its goodwill, but a minute later to scowl its eyebrows and pour its anger in unexpected ways. Well, don't just stand there.

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London – Puzzle of eras
London, UK

London is the heart of England. The city-state brings together all the achievements of philosophy and puritanism, all that have reached the peaks of architecture and cultural development. Prepare to nearly stop breathing and look through the London Eye, hug and chat with the wax masterpieces at the Madame Tussauds museum, or set your watch with that of the Big Ben.

York - Shipwreck on the Paradise Island
York, UK

York is a provincial town surrounded by paradise greenery, an infectious aristocratic spirit and the medieval shadow of the castle “Howard”. Millions of tourists are attracted by its irresistible aura, because Robinson Crusoe was born here. Wandering like in a maze in the vast, exquisite gardens, you will find yourself in front of the Gothic cathedral "Minster".

Liverpool – Let it be
Liverpool, UK

Liverpool is one of the most preferred urban tourist destinations within the borders of England. Unchanging accents in every traveler's adventure are the music of the Beatles, the rougher notes in the songs of football fans, also the vast park spaces, the attractive museums, the musical scenes and the numerous nooks for delicious food.

Manchester – The home of real football
Manchester, UK

You must have heard that the people of Manchester know how to have fun. This isn't a myth, it's a reality where you have to dive. The city works with classy football, rebellious street art, small but impressive city galleries and dazzling panoramic views, able to satisfy every tourist's taste.

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England is a country in the United Kingdom, along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is located in the southern part of the Kingdom, off the northwest coast of mainland Europe. To the north, it borders Scotland and to the west with Wales. It is surrounded by the Celtic Sea, the English Channel, the Irish Sea and the North Sea.


In England it is quite fun to use public transport for sightseeing tours and especially on a Hop-On and Hop-Off  bus. 
The infamous  buses in England have a variety of itineraries with which you can tour the attractions of London. If you have your own itinerary, you can always rent a car, but you should know that it will cost you more.

Languages Spoken

English is the only official language. The most spoken in the world, it is one of the languages with the greatest dialects. The British English is the most difficult to understand, so even if you speak English you should know that on the island it is quite complex to understand.


The official currency is the English pound. If you are not carrying cash, England is a country where, probably, the most widespread way for payment is with cards.


If you are a citizen of an EU country, USA, Canada or Australia you do not need a tourist visa. Visa regimes apply to other countries.


English contacts are of type G, which do not work with other plugs except G. The voltage is standard for Europe, Australia and a large part of the Asian and African countries. You will need an adapter to operate your charger or electrical appliances.


England has a stable health system. One of the countries in Europe with little risk for communicable diseases. Before travelling to the island or any other country in the world, it is advisable to consult your GP for all vaccines needed for departure abroad.

Emergency Calls

For all emergency callers there are two numbers - 999 and 112 (police, medical assistance, fire, mountain rescue, coast guard and any other state emergency aid institution)

When to visit
Best time to visit the destination

At the risk of sounding like a cliché, England is welcoming and enchanting throughout the year. But in order to be precise and sincere, we will guide you in the direction of the spring and autumn seasons, and more specifically to the months of the cool March to the gentle warm June, and from the song of the leaves in September, to the raids of the first snowflakes in November.

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Visit Cambridge

The second-oldest university in the world is located an hour and a half drive east of London. Visitors to this university town can touch the culture of the past, including architectural monuments, the medieval buildings of the university and the cobbled streets in its old part. Extremely interesting for visits would be "King's College", the "Trinity Hall" or the "Porterhouse", which carry the spirit of English aristocracy.

Madame Tussauds Museum

You want to touch the stars in the first ever wax museum in the world- “Madame Tussauds”. Here you can see unique wax copies of world-famous celebrities such as the Royal Family, Victoria and David Beckham, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin. View the wax shapes of the stars and enjoy this amazing art.

"Hop-On Hop-Off" tour

It is suitable for all – both for those who already have points to visit, and for those who like to be placed with the flow and enjoy the unexpected. You can listen to live record with information about any site, as well as explore the city with a cruise on the River Thames. The London Eye, St. Paul's Cathedral, are just a few of the sights that are included in the tours.

Walk through Hyde Park

Located in central London, it is the largest of the four Royal parks that form a chain around Buckingham Palace. It was founded in 1536  by Henry VIII, who used it as a hunting ground. Take a walk at this emblematic place for London, which is close to the Big Ben and the London Eye.

Stonehenge- Stone Art

Leave London behind and view the ancient rock formations of Stonehenge. The stone circle consists of 83 stones and was created 5000 years ago. Why exactly these stones are placed and what their purpose is, is unknown, and this includes the imagination of every visitor. People gather at the place each year and celebrate the summer solstice.

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FAQs about UK

What tips are left in England?

If in America tipping is a matter of solidarity, in England it all depends on the class. If you're not getting a good service, you don't leave a tip. If you are satisfied, you leave a tip of about 10%.

The weather is humid and rainy, but during the most of the year England also enjoys warm and sunny days. There, the weather is variable and you have to be prepared with a top garment even in the summer. A mandatory accessory is an umbrella or raincoat. Be prepared for the whims of time on the island.

Before you go to England, exchange currency in your country. This is the most budget way to have ready money in you. The other way is to shop with a credit cards.

England is well known with some of the most expensive taxis in the world. Their tariff is about 4 Euros per kilometer. Price per waiting time is about 25 Euros. It is recommended to use local transport, such as metro and the bus. The price of a one-way ticket is approximately 3 Euros.

Smoking has been banned in England since 2007, and the ban includes enclosed public spaces and workplaces. Also in taxis, private cars and bus stops. The ban also applies to rail transport as well as all over the metro territory.


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