Tunisia - a walk along the coast of dreams

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Or simply in lifeless longing, raised your senses for a few seconds? The answer to this question depends only on you. Before you decide to where the boundaries of your inner universe can extend, we will ask you to go with us in a walk along the shore of dreams, better known in the world as Tunisia.
Under the crown of Tunisia lies not only the primacy of nature, the pride of history and the dignity of human achievements, but also the spring of culture, the oasis and the steps of the spiritual pursuit of the golden sands of the deserted deserts, also the invaluable guide to quality rest and unimaginable pleasure. The African pearl brightens the northern part of the continent and attracts the eyes of dreamers from all over the world. If you wonder where your eyes will take you when going west, east, north or south of Tunisia, you will quickly find yourself in the grace of Ahmed Bay's palace in Algiers, the ruins of the ancient stone Roman town of Leptis Magna in Libya or on the mirror surface of the fabulous Mediterranean Sea.
We have to warn you that Tunisia is ruthless about the many temptations it offers. They will grab you before you take your first breath on the territory of the country-paradise. 

Welcome to the Tunisian capital of the eponymous capital! Free your space for new impressions and knowledge, because before you proudly stands the Medina, which boasts about 800 cultural and historical treasures in its colorful catalog. Going along the trail of the past, you will be lost on the winding paths of his immeasurable wealth, including the El Zitouna mosque, also called the Olive Mosque, and the Palace of the Bei “Dar el Bei”.

Your curiosity will take you to the National Museum "Bardo", which will give you with a smile a ticket for a trip to the prehistoric era. And not only. Your consciousness will smoothly pass through all the periods of the history of Tunisia, gleamingly illustrated in a complex of exquisite century-old buildings that served as the home of the Hafsid dynasty. We can not wait to see Carthage. The ruins of the legendary city keep the grandeur of the centuries and recreate frame-by-frame heroic battles on its territory. Three thousand years of history pass in seconds in front of your eyes and they make you a protagonist in the fierce Punic wars. Now is the time to fight fearlessly against the Romans because the stake is big - Sicily and the heart of the ruler Didon. After a long walk along the mountain paths of history, it is time to relax. Believe us, in Tunisia, tempting pleasures are a religion that everyone professes, whether a local resident or an aspiring adventurer. The next stop - Djerba Island. If you are a romantic, above all else, you should enjoy the sunset. Differences in the sky colors as the sun goes down  will make your heart melt and lose its equal rhythm. Djerba is the horn of abundance that will give you glamorous beaches, refreshing cocktails and seductive emotions. As you merge with the local population, you can admire the La Griba Synagogue, the Borghese Kebir Fortress and the colorful tourist markets. We were supposed to surprise you later, but we'll do it right away. If you think that everything you've seen so far can be compared with paradise, think again. We are now in Port El Kantaoui - the Mecca of luxury and indescribable splendor. Here, every want and thought is a command and becomes reality only in a fraction of a second. We recommend that you leave your yacht in the harbor, play some golf or water skiing - you choose. The luxurious complex is ready to meet your wildest dreams. But if luxury exceeds your imagination of calm and quality rest, then turn your attention to the city of Hammamet and its golden beaches. Well, how are you feeling now?


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Tunis (the capital) - the battlefield of the ages
Tunis, Tunisia

The capital of Tunisia will meet you appropriately and will prepare you for the temptations you are going to experiance in the rest of the African state. The Belvedere National Park, the Madina Area, impressive with nearly 800 cultural and historical treasures, the Olive Mosque and the Dar el-Bay Palace, are the most important stops of your journey. Do not miss the national museum "Bardo", which will be irreplaceable guide in the past of Tunisia.

Carthage - the Empire of Living History
Carthage, Tunisia

The city is a historical work of art, a masterpiece depicting the majestic past of the African state. Among the Carthage ruins you will head on an adventure beginning 3000 years ago when the empire of the living past was born in these lands. You must surely enjoy the baths of Emperor Antonin Pius, the Amphitheater, the remains of exquisite and carefully preserved Roman columns, villa and aqueduct.

Hamamet - paradise with jasmine flavor
Hammamet, Tunisia

Hamamet is the name of your Paradise Island. The city offers bright sunshine, hot beaches and unforgettable emotions. Only here the shores of the Mediterranean are under your authority, and the fragrance of jasmine, which is a symbol of the city, will pursue you long after your voyage ends. Your list of attractions must include the impressive castles, Villa Georg Sebastian and the Grand Mosque.

Sousse - the source of antiquity
Sousse, Tunisia

Sous is one of the most popular holiday resorts in the world. And that's no accident. The coexistence between the lessons of history and the religion of complete happiness make it a paradise where there are no unfulfilled dreams. Here you will be amazed by the exquisiteness of the Rabat fortress, the Kashba Tower and Fortress, the Majestic Mosque and the early Christian catacombs. For your convenience, the luxury resort of Port El Kantaoui is just around the corner.

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The Republic of Tunisia is located in Africa. It borders on the west with Algeria and on the south and east with Libya, and on the north it has an outlet on the Mediterranean Sea. The country is also the northernmost point of the continent - Cape Ras al Abidad. The smallest country in the Maghreb is Tunisia, which is mainly populated by Arabs. The larger part of it is flat with smaller mountainous areas in the Atlas Mountains.


Tunisia has a well-developed transport network. Bus lines connect all cities, served at least twice a day, with modern large buses. Their railways in the country are quite good, and you can also reach by rail the neighboring countries. Taxis have low prices and  usually are limousines.

Languages Spoken

There are three spoken languages in Tunisia - Tunisian, French and Arabic. The official language is modern Arabic. Tunisian is closest to the Maltese language. A large part of the population of Tunisia also speaks French.


The official currency is the Tunisian Dinar. Mass tourists arrive without exchange currency, but the good thing is that the government has fixed the exchange rate of all exchange places, such as banks, currency exchange bureaus, hotels and others. You will be required to present an identity card when you exchange the currency.


A visit to a certain period (1-4 months) does not need visas for the majority of countries in the world. A visa is required  for a small part of the South American, African and some Asian countries. 


The contacts in Tunisia are type C and E. Type C also called Euro plug which works with E and F plugs. Type E works with plugs C and F. 230V is the standard voltage in the country.


Obligatory vaccines for your visit to Tunisia are not necessary unless you come from a virus-infected area. The recommended vaccinations are against hepatitis A, diphtheria and tetanus.

Emergency Calls

Tunisia's emergency call phones are: for police - 197, for fire brigade - 198, for emergency assistance - 190. Operators respond in French and Arabic.

When to visit
Best time to visit the destination

The best you will feel in Tunisia is during the spring months of April and May, when the sun has not yet demonstrated its power, as well as in the last days of summer in September, when the temperatures fit within the normal range. That is when the African state will present to you the charm of the Sahara Desert, the fabulous sunset on the beach, and the greatness of the many cultures that have left their steps on the dusty path of the millennium.

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Enjoy the sunrise or sunset as you ride a camel

You must have never imagined that you would go into another civilization, and that you would replace the comfortable chair in your office with a camel hump. We assure you that you deserve to do it and that you will definitely not regret it. Riding a camel in the Tunisian Sahara is a journey that will be recorded with sand-golden letters in the book of your memories. In addition to being able to inspire the grace of the sand dunes, you can also dress up with the typical garment of the region - Toby, Gutra and Agal.

Safari in the sand dunes of the Tunisian Sahara

If you are a fan of more extreme experiences, then the jeep-safari adventure in Tamers' sand dunes in the Tunisian Sahara is right for you. Allow yourself to devote at least a day of your vacation to the power of the desert and the fairy white sands. Usually, the exciting tour takes between 4 and 6 hours, including the Salt Lake “Shot-el-Djerid” and the incredibly beautiful oases around the Tuser city, as well as a memorable encounter with the culture of the local population.

Yacht adventure on the edge of the waves

Tunisia is the softness of luxury and pleasure. It is right here that you will feel like a god, walking along the paradise beaches and riding a yacht along the edge of the waves. The journey on board the catamarans lasts several hours, during which you will get acquainted with the beauties of Tunisia. You can dive in and enjoy a yacht in the resorts of Port El Kantaoui and Hammamet. If you want privacy or romantic sea adventure with your loved one, you have the opportunity to hire a catamaran.

In the footsteps of Carthage history

There is no way you can cross the borders of Tunisia and not follow the Carthage story. The ruins of the legendary city are more than 3000 years old and are included in the UNESCO list. Within a few hours, you will have the unique opportunity to travel in time, become part of the Punic wars, and lead magnificent battles. The tour of the ancient Carthage includes a visit to the baths of Emperor Antonin Pij, the Amphitheater and the historic port of the city.

Know Tunisia on two wheels

Bicycles are a relatively new tourist attraction that is popular worldwide, including Tunisia. Are you ready for an exciting adventure? At your request, the two-wheeler tour of Tunisian rocks can last from several hours to 8 or 12 days. The Eco journey starts from the city of Tuser, passing through the most enchanting oases, through the finest dunes, valleys and localities. Is there a more original and natural way to get to know the beauty of Tunisia?

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FAQs about Tunisia

What is the price of adrenaline and pleasure in Tunisia?

The list of tourist temptations Tunisia offers is endless. Each touch to its luxury has its price, which in over 90% of cases is not included in the basic package. If you want to get to know Tunisia on two wheels, you have to prepare the sum of 150, 1000 or 1300 Euros, depending on whether the bike is a few hours, 8 or 10 days. Safari jeep rental will cost you about 80 Euros, and safari with a camel - 25 Euros. To rent a yacht you have to prepare between 50 and 100 Euros per day.

Although within the borders of North Africa, Tunisia has an extremely modern water supply system and sanitary facilities. Drinking water is clean, safe and of high quality. After the improvements made nearly a decade ago, the modernized water supply covers all urban areas and 90% of the countryside and the surrounding area. If you still want to secure yourself, you can buy bottled mineral water at low prices almost anywhere in Tunisia.

The hot Mediterranean summer climate is just one of the reasons for the huge tourist flow to Tunisia. Temperatures under the fiery sun reach 35-36 degrees, in desert areas even more. During the other three seasons, the weather in Tunisia is also favorable for recreation and adventure. You should keep in mind that the minimum temperatures in the country are around 8-10 degrees. However, for your peace of mind, if you travel in spring, autumn or winter, you can wear a long sleeve jumper and a thin jacket.

Taxis in Tunisia are a convenient and preferred way for  tourists to move from one place to another because they are relatively inexpensive. The starting price of the service is about 20 euros cents, and then you will be charged half a euro per kilometer. You have to know that the night taxi service, between 21:00 and 06:00, costs 50% more. Most drivers accept payment in euro, as well in local currency.

If you want to be an exemplary tourist in Tunisia, you simply have to round-up the taxi service or add a tip within 5% of the cost of the transport. Your satisfaction with delicious food can be demonstrated by adding up to 10% tip to your restaurant bill. At your wishes and depending on the quality of the services provided, you have the opportunity to reward the care of the hotel staff or the hairdressers by not less than 5 Euros.


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