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Have you ever seen  so many people  for whom riding a bike is the easiest thing to do above everything else?
If you're not--travel through the "Low land" of the Netherlands. The elevation level has been a mirage since the far XVI century, but it  compensate with a lot of other things. In the first place, the flat state is one among the most densely populated countries in the world. And that`s the result of the clean air, order and cleanliness. If you ever wondered how to define the term "eco", perhaps in Holland you will find the answer.
Wherever you go, you will be around people all the time, it's around those who know the power of words and are able to communicate. And yes! That's it! The Dutch are notorious with their sociability. The least they would do is to guide you to the nearest place where you can hire a bike. 
So... let your adventure on two wheels begin right at this time.
Start your tour from Amsterdam-one of those places that you must visit while you are young and have the strenght to enjoy the amazing architecture that could captivate anyone. While admiring the beauty of the city, go through the neighbourhood called“Nine streets”. There you are going to see the largest channels, designer shops, chic cafes where you can drink a clean glass of water and reload your strength for the incredible architectural view that would amaze everyone. Continuing the adventure, in some instances you are going to be sad for the bike that collects dust in the garage and you're going to want to have enough energy so you can still  enjoy the view a little bit more.
But unfortunately, this is the time when you feel the pull on Dutch soil, although you only have to wait another minute. Before that go on a boat trip through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, where it will remind you of that deep memory of Venice. You will see more museums than you can count. But definitely one will impress you most - the National museum in Amsterdam, where one can see mesmerizing works by Rembrandt, sealed  the time of cultural life. And if you've never been to the museum Madame Tussauds, now grab the bike again and with the last breath Ʉleft stop at the entrance. Brush the dust of yourself, wipe the sweat off your forehead, put on some perfume, because in  seconds you are about to meet a number of famous personalities.

Once the meeting with them reaches its end, and you are already rested and you got loaded with renewed energy, get the bike and go in the direction of the old part of the city. Right in its  heart you will see so many people that you will be wondering if any official delegation had come to visit. Let's say you're not on the right track. You just have found yourself in the neighborhood called the "Red Lanterns", which is one of the main and most visited tourist destinations. People… There's people all over you as if it`s April 27, when the King's Day is celebrated and the celebrations continue in full force. You don't want to leave, but tomorrow you're expecting Rotterdam -the largest port in Europe. 

The ships are swaying lightly on the crystal water and from afar resemble birds, which at any moment are preparing to fly in the infinity. There it is! In the distance you can see The Erasmus Bridge, the city icon that can be worthy of the nickname "800 reasons to stop your breath." You're going to run into numerous of  first-class shops, galleries and restaurants, which are more and more attractive.
It's time to have  a real beer. But... We warn you, you will not get enough of it. You will want more and more and even if it is not the typical beer appetizer, you're going to want to keep trying more of the Dutch atmosphere while tasting cheese Gauda.
You can collect so many impressions, but one of them for sure would be the tulips that will amaze you. Wherever you turn you will see these beautiful flowers in different colors, that you  can not believe they  can wilt. They are waiting for you as passionately  as you want to see them. What about you?


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Amsterdam – Beauty and culture
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Here you will not just find a difference with other cities in Holland, but also with other cities around the world. Before you visit the city you will think it`s a Metropolis, but and in fact, the moment you face it  you will see that it`s looks like a pretty village hiding amazing miracles.

Gouda-Nature and food
Gouda, Netherlands

The city, the embodiment of Dutch nature and architecture consist of ancient buildings and long canals. Sights, are: you can enjoy the beautiful glass windows of  Gothic church Saint Žanskerk,  the Town Hall dating back to 15th century, the canals, the lakes and the many flowers.

Rotterdam – A modern Center
Rotterdam, Netherlands

At the beginning its existence starts as a fishing village. It is today the most modern city in Holland. Rotterdam impresses with the carnivals and festivals attracting millions of tourists, and with the most famous museum for art lovers Boižmans van Bojningen, which presents also masterpieces of emblematic artists.

The Hague – Home of the royal family
The Hague, Netherlands

Undeniably one of the most notable cities in Holland. Not accidently  the Royal family lives there for as long as 400 years. It has the mixture of modern style, history and aristocracy. Here you can explore the royal Palaces, the International court, the Madurodam Park and many other interesting sights.

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Holland is located in western Europe with a population of around 17 million people. The territory also includes the three islands of Aruba, Curacao and Saba located in the Caribbean Sea. Its European part borders on the east are with Germany, to the south with Belgium and to the north it is surrounded by the North Sea.


Holland has got the fastest, the most modern and secure  public transport in Europe. Always with the best innovations in transport services, the State offers fast trains, buses and metro for most of the larger cities. When traveling with urban transport you will need a map of OV Chipkaart.

Languages Spoken

Dutch is the official language. In essence, it has a west German roots. The Dutch is spoken by about 23 million people around the world. In big cities, a large number of the people speak excellent English language, unlike other European countries.


The official currency in the Netherlands is the Euro, as in many other European countries. The former currency was the Dutch guilder, which was used for about 322 years until 2002, when it gave way to the Euro.


The visa is determined according to nationality. Citizens from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries may remain up to 90 days without a visa. Of course, citizens from EU countries, are also exempt from any visa regime.


The contacts in Holland are type C and F. Voltage is 230 V. People from Europe, Australia and most Asian and African countries can use their electrical appliances without worrying.


The Dutch state has a very stable health system and does not require mandatory vaccines during your stay. If you wish you can make your routine vaccination after consulting your GP.

Emergency Calls

In the Netherlands the only emergency number is 112. Operators speak  Dutch and English.

When to visit
Best time to visit the destination

The Netherlands enjoys a quite mild climate, with relatively pleasant, for walking during the summers and moderately cold winters. If you want to enjoy  the beautiful greenery, home to the thousands of beautiful flowers, definitely you have to visit from mid-March to mid-May. Then you can ride a bike without having to fight the high temperature amplitudes.

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Ride a bike in Holland

The Netherlands is a wonderful country for cycling. It is famous for the availability of more bicycles than the number of people. For comparison-in the capital live about 800 thousand people and the number of the bikes equals almost 900 thousand.

Cafe "Bruin"

Enjoy a peaceful evening in Holland's typical pubs. There you will feel the spirit of the authentic night life of the Capital. Their name is a result of the color of the walls that has been obtained from the previous smoking in the pubs. The newest cafes even repaint the walls in a characteristic brown color to acquire the authenticity of the old pubs. Locals visit these places after work to talk to friends, because here you feel at home.

Let's visit rejksmuzeum

It is imperative that you visit the largest museum in Amsterdam to enjoy the works of the great Rembrandt van Raine. The building was built at the end of the 19th century in neogothic style. The resembling a Palace museum has an impressive 150 rooms . In one of them one can see the work of Rembrandt called "Night Watch." In the rooms are displayed and paintings by Johannes Vermer.

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FAQs about Holland

What is the weather in Holland?

The Netherlands has a mild sea  climate  defined by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Typical are the cool summers and the moderate temperate during the winters.  Rainfall are quite common throughout the year where during April to September there are the least rain falls. The thick clothing for winter is recommended as well as having an umbrella.

For Holland, it's not typical to wave at cabs to stop them. Most often they are booked on the phone. Their prices are not high at all. The taxi driver can offer you a fixed rate. They can also offer additional services such as porting of suitcases for which one should paid additionally. Uber is a taxi for booking through your phone. Available in most major cities of the Netherlands.

In 2008 there was a ban on smoking of tobacco in public places. But two years later twas given the rights to establishments with up to 70 square meters to allow smoking in.
 An interesting fact is that the government does not limit the smoking of marijuana as much as it limits tobacco smoking.

In Holland you can always buy marijuana as long as long as you are 18 years old and you have an identity card with you. It is available in the familiar form of cupcakes as well as face cosmetics, biscuits, beer, candy and lollipops. The only legalized smoking places are "coffee-shops". No smoking is allowed outside of them.


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