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Then its contents boiled down to two simple things – on his left half it was painted with golden letters excerpted from the Omir`s epic "Iliad", and on his right half-a slight flavour of olive oil and the aroma of olive branches. If you don't believe us, keep reading.
The big crazy Greek wedding  with the cradle of Antiquity, and one of the hottest destinations marked on the world tourist map, begins like this.
"Κυρίες και κύριοι, η ακρόπολη είναι μπροστά σας" (Ladies and gentlemen, in front of you is the Acropolis!). Each of the columns, exquisitely made in Ionian style, has an impressive destiny, which we are sure you want to know. The Acropolis is the place where art and religion give expression to the centuries-old love among each other, and merge into a graceful ritual dance. Every step forward takes you to the next and further page of the multi-faceted and ancient Greek history, while  you face the might of the Parthenon – the temple, home of the cult and the awe towards the goddess Athena Pallada. To have the right to name yourself  an "elin", you can't just pass the Acropolis museum. It does not offer you only panoramic views,  it grabs you as a time machine and  makes you feel as the director of the greatest masterpiece dedicated to antiquity. In the main roles – realistic sculptures, divine friezes, enchanting with their way of making ceramic utensils and bas-reliefs. Your religious pilgrimage must also contain the Greek city of Delphi. Antiquity here erupts like a volcano, literally every inch  reminds of its existence through the dazzling - of its size- sanctuary. If you're not afraid to step even closer, you will have the opportunity to know where the traps of your future are hidden from the Oracle of Delphi.  Have you ever been to Meteora? We knew it! It's time to fix that mistake. This fetish of natural forces is a natural continuation of your religious itinerary. The monastery paradise, which peak seems to touch the world of the heavenly Gods, they call you to soar at over 400 meters high, to feel its fearsome power and to taste the sweet and sour taste of the present abundant mystic. As much as you don't want to, your pilgrimage tour ends in Thessaloniki with a memory of the Byzantine Empire.

After all this, you must think Greece is a universe that has stopped spinning around its axis thousands of years ago? Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Andros, Lemnos, Mount Athos, Thassos... аnd more, and more. No, these are not heroes of "Ancient Greek myths and legends", but only a fraction of the treasures they expect behind the heavenly gates of Greece. The islands that will appear as a mirage offers the most difficult test for the human senses. Shimmering bliss, pulse-accelerating landscapes, hot beach stripes. Look around in the pristine water, order your refreshing cocktail and place your divine radiance just beneath the gaze of the sun. Now, that's a vacation.
You will agree that the well-prepared food is a basic detail of the quality adventure and an indispensable part of the ritual for spiritual relaxation. Greek cuisine spoils every single rumbling tourist stomach. The culinary apogee starts from a pan with seafood and delicacies, passes through the obsession with the salad "tzatziki" and reaches the perfect symbiosis of meat, vegetables and thin bread, united under the name "Gyros". If you are a nocturnal bird, you must blend in with the crowd in one of the hundreds of taverns, where all the conditions for the examination of the legends are provided, according to which the Greeks are the ancient God of fun. Ευθυμία! (Cheers!).
Greece draws not only the history of the world, but also the history of the global tourism. The ancient urban strata, the seductive food, the fine sound of the melody of a bouzouki and the footsteps on the sand trough countless beaches each year gives a compelling reason to millions of tourists to fulfill their dreams, and to visit the country again as soon as possible.

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Athens – The Footsteps of antiquity
Athens, Greece

The Greek capital is a powerful attractive hub for tourists from all over the world. The reasons lies in the rare collection of historical epochs to which you can join. You should not miss the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the museum to it, the Athenian Agora, the Odeon of Herod, the temple of Hephaestus, the theatre of Dionysus and the National Archaeological museum.

Delphi – The religious epicenter
Delphi, Greece

The city is the religious epicenter of Greece and Europe. Here you can end up in a sacral vortex whose waters will take you to the temple of Apollo, in the sanctuary of Athena Pallada, or even deeper and closer, where you will be able to hear the prophecies of the Delphic Oracle. If your journey involves Greece, the city of Delphi must be in the "Must See" list.

Kalampaka – The pantheon of the Gods
Kalabaka, Greece

The town of Kalampaka is one of the most visited places in Greece. The interest of thousands of tourists is concentrated in the monastery complex named Meteora, which will lift you  high up, at more than 400 meters, right at hand distance from the Gods. The city will provide you with warm reception, amazing panoramic views, religious retreat, irresistible food and a cocktail which will make feel dizzy of flair for grandeur and a cult of antiquity.

Thessaloniki – On the trail of multiculturalism
Thessaloniki, Greece

The cosmopolitan city welcomes you, armed with the beauty and heritage of the numerous civilizations that populated these territories. Thessaloniki is your choice if the non-stoppable noise and the tourist crowds are too much for you. Your obligatory destinations are the White Tower, the Thessaloniki walls, the arch of Galerius, the central square "Aristotle", the shiny museums and, of course, the temples.

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Greece is located in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. By land it`s borders are with Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey and  by  the sea its borders  are with the Aegean Sea, the Cretan sea and the Mediterranean Sea. With one of the longest coastlines in the world, the state has between 1200 and 6000 islands, the largest of which is Crete.


Greece is a place where people prefer to walk around, but in cases where you are in a rush you can rely on the fast and secure public transport. By Metro, you can travel only in Athens. Taxis in Greece are cheap and available in most places, and the buses are very reliable.

Languages Spoken

One of the oldest Indo-European languages, the Greek, is the only official language. Same is spoken  also on the island of Crete. About 48% of the population understands and speks English. This is mostly the younger part of the society.


The official currency in Greece is the Euro. The currency exchange venues are the banks with working time from 09:00 – 14:00 and the exchange offices, which have extended working hours. Before you exchange currency, check the approximate rate of the currency that you will exchange against the Euro so that you avoid to be fooled with the exchange rate.


Greece does not require a visa for citizens of the EU countries and the Schengen area. No visa is required for US nationals, Canada and Australia for staying  up to 90 days.  Visa regimes are imposed for all other countries.


The European Union standard voltage of 230v applies to Greece as well. Contacts are also of type C and F, known as the European type, which works well with type E.


Recommended, but certainly not mandatory, are routine vaccines when visiting  Greece. If you wish you can get more detailed information from your GP.

Emergency Calls

As for the whole of Europe, the emergency phone number is 112, where operators can respond in addition to Greek as well as  in English and French. The other national emergency numbers are for the police – 100, for fire – 199, and for an ambulance – 166.

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The best time to cross the borders of Greece as a tourist who wants quality rest and a movie entertainment is the summer season. This is the period in which the multicultural image of Greek hospitality is most clearly seen. And if you are a faithful researcher of history, it is suitable for you every day of the calendar year. Just to let you know, hesitation is the number one enemy. Don't wait even a moment, because Greece is able to change worldviews.

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Climb Olympus

Olympus, known as the place of Zeus and Hades from the Greek mythology, is one of the most famous mountains in the world, which you must visit and climb. The emblematic for Greece mountain is the highest in the country and is located between Macedonia and Thessaly. Climb the Mount Olympus and plunge into the epoch of the Gods.

Walk through the Acropolis

The emblem on the horizon of the Greek capital is undoubtedly the Acropolis. Visiting Athens is the number one landmark to start with. The incredible complex, created in the golden for the Greeks era, is composed of three temples and one majestic entrance.  The largest is the Parthenon, dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena.

Cruise on the Corinthian Canal

The construction was started by the great Roman Emperor Nero and completed after many centuries by the French. The Corinthian Canal creates indescribably beautiful views and saves a great deal of circumvention for the ships. The six-kilometer-long canal, with rising sides up to about 90 meters, is considered to be one of the greatest engineering achievements of the Greeks.

On the beach in Greece

The thousands of islands, the endless long and beautiful coastlines, the warm climate, the charming bays and the crystal clear waters, create the incredible sense of enjoyment of the sea tourism in Greece. Visiting the red beach of Santorini, Elia Island of Mykonos, Aliki of Thasos, Elunta of Crete, surely you will be amazed and impressed by the masterpieces of nature.

Mountain tour around Corfu Island

Stunning marvel of nature-Corfu Island, known as the "Emerald Island" is known worldwide for its fabulous sea and mountainous landscapes. The 220 km route in these parts of the island presents breathtaking views. When passing even a small part of this long trail you will have the chance to enjoy this natural phenomenon.

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FAQs about Greece

What are the taxi prices in Greece?

Taxi prices in Greece are not high. The prices in Athens per kilometer are about 0.80 Euros. Payment is made only in cash. If you have more baggage this can put the price of the service up, and you should ask the driver beforehand. A receipt is issued only on the request of the client.

The kind of clothes will depend on the season  in which you will visit Greece, If you are going for a summer tourism wear comfortable and lightweight clothes, and in addition, a few more elegant garments for the evenings out.  It`s a necessity also to carry a hat . If you are going during the months between December and February, take warmer clothes with you.

The prices depend on the vehicle`s type. You have to pay before embarking on a certain highway sections. Prices ranged around 4 to 7 Euros for 100 km. The speed limit is 120 km/h.

Like most places, in good service, it's good to leave about 10% gratuities in restaurants, and for the maid in the hotel where you are staying, on the day of departure, is given between 2-10 Euros. In a taxi is enough to round the fare.

Greece enjoys thousands of islands, all of which have its charm and beauty. The most popular and interesting to visit are: Santorini, Crete and Zakynthos.

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