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Thus begins the day of every tourist in Germany-the country of order and discipline, even in terms of food and eating habits.  If your stomach is already  speaking German, don't worry – it happens to everyone. But for that, in a moment...
Imagine that for a moment you have the opportunity to hear the beating heart of the Middle Ages, but in the body of extraordinary   the 21st century. Imagine that the result of love between several eras can be described in only one word, in spite of all inspired writers and travelers. What the word would be? Germany, of course. A country that combines the elegance of the four seasons and the breathtaking landscape delights. Germany is located at the heart of Europe.  Apart from the fact that its fate is woven with countless cultural and historical influences, the country is in itself a unique cultural island, surrounded by the clearness of the North and the Baltic Sea to the north, the music of Chopin and the Czech folklore in the east. Its borders extend to the Jura mountains in Switzerland to the sound of the choral orchestras in Austria to the south, and in the west the aroma of tulips coming from the western neighbor Holland can be felt. But to go back to the heart of Europe – Germany. This is the country where the world of the Brothers Grimm has remained intact, thanks to hundreds of castles bearing in themselves the nostalgic melody of the Middle Ages. Germany's architectural marvel is one of the millions of reasons that can force you right now, reading, dusting off  the dust from the big suitcase and, no matter where in the world you are, forgetting all the chores and wearing your tourist suit.

A part of the strict architectural composition is Heidelberg Castle, the apotheosis of the Gothic style and the unattainable Renaissance fragrance.

Your gaze will be nailed by the Cologne Cathedral, which is not accidental in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. Alphabetical book with architectural wonders is endless. 

Speaking of dazzling senses landscapes, you have to believe that Germany is where you will forget to blink. This is not a joke. Whatever route you choose, you will  enrich yourself in every way and you will thank yourself for having made the right decision. Whether in the early morning you decide to dive into the world of the province of Bavaria, take a walk on the Marienplatz Square, measure the column of the Virgin Mary, check the accuracy of the clock with the dancing figurines, pray at St. Peter's Church or if you just wont to be alone with your thoughts with a walk along the shopping street "Teatinerŝrase", you will already acquire thoughts and feelings that will be absolutely sufficient to dare to publish your memoirs. An indispensable part of the moments during your visit to Germany must be the old town of Frankfurt and... take a breath – the Rhine valley, where you will ask the tourists around you: "Am I in heaven ? " 
And after all this we must say – Germany does not end here. The country has nearly 6300 museums, revealing in detail every single link in the life of the German – from archaeology of the past to the geography of everyday life. 
Are you already  tired? Yes, the beauty of Germany definitely brings sweet tiredness, but also an experience that only happens once in our earthly existence. We are sure you are not going to refuse an invitation to a delicious meal right now. Most likely, while visiting the country, try one of the thousands of meat specialities. 


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Dresden – A historical and cultural center
Berlin, Germany

Destroyed during World War II, and today restored in full, is again one of the most beautiful and iconic places in Germany. Dresden is an amazing combination of history, culture, pubs and nature. The former capital of East Germany is one of the places you surely must visit.

BERLIN-The heart of Germany
Berlin, Germany

The capital of Germany is extremely diverse and remarkable. The thriving culture, the attractions of all kinds, the amazing contrast between modern architecture and historic buildings are all part of Berlin's distinctive features. Visiting the capital you embark on a unique experience, leaving many memories behind.

Frankfurt – Business Center
Frankfurt, Germany

Apart from the glamour and modern style of architecture here you can find picturesque parks, medieval buildings, cultural events and wonderful picnic conditions. With over 670 000 people Frankfurt is a business and financial centre not only of Germany but also of Eastern Europe. 

Munich, the capital of Bavaria
Marseille, France

Destroyed in the Second World War, subsequently fully restored, is evolving faster than ever. Starting with the town symbol-St Mary`s Cathedral by passing through the Marienplatz Square and reaching the Olympic park, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of Munich.

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Germany is located in Central Europe. It was founded in the far XVII Century and its population is about 81 million people. The north is surrounded by the North Sea, east of Poland and the Czech Republic, to the south of Austria and Switzerland, and to the west it borders France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 


In Germany the public transport is one of the most developed in the world. Trams, buses, Metro, suburban express trains will do you a good job when moving around in the big cities. 

Languages Spoken

The main language is German. Germany is a diverse area of regional dialects. Of course, the English language is at a good level among most Germans. Besides here, the German language is the official language in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Up to 1999 the Deutsche mark was the official currency. It is then replaced by the euro. The places where you can exchange currency are: airports, banks and stations. It is best before you leave to do this in your country and pay with credit and debit cards wherever possible.


For residents of USA and Canada, travel in Germany is possible without a visa within 90 days. There is no visa regime for residents of EU member States, proof of identity is sufficient. 


In Germany, the power sockets are type F. The standard voltage is 230 V. The standard frequency is 50 Hz. Visitors from countries in Eastern Europe can safely use their appliances in Germany.


In Germany health care is at a very good level. No vaccines are required when visiting this country, but the following are recommended: Hepatitis A and B, tetanus, seasonal flu, etc. Always consult your doctor before taking a trip.

Emergency Calls

Emergency numbers are free and you can call from any phone, even from a phone without a SIM card. In Germany, phone 112 is known as a fire and ambulance phone, and 110 is the phone for police assistance.

When to visit
Best time to visit the destination

The enchanting atmosphere is available both in spring and summer, when you can take a  boat in the Rhine valley and in the autumn, when you can wipe the beer foam out of your mouth, sit in the park and read something from the German classics Goethe and Schiller , or you can tell your child the story about the “Blue beard” from the Brothers Grimm.

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In Munich there is one of the most famous beer festivals attracting a huge number of tourists. Visit this place and view from the bird's eye, with the ferry wheel of the Oktoberfest, the entire festival. Enjoy 2 liters of beer and roast chicken, which are included when booking a seat in the "Hofbrau" tent. 

Romantic Trip

Enjoy the countryside, castles and villages in Germany with a romantic day trip to Munich. The emblematic road through the mountains and the forests of Bavaria is worth crossing with a loved one. Castle "Harburg" from the 11th century is the oldest German fortifications, then you will reach Rothenburg – an old and beautiful medieval town with cobbled streets. Visit the Renaissance Town Hall and the Gothic building of the church " Jacob ".

Leipzig Zoo

The call of the wild brings you to the zoo in Leipzig. Here you can see about 850 enimal species living in recreated habitats as close as possible to the natural ones. Throughout the year you can visit this place, touch nature and appreciate the importance of its conservation, even because of its rich diversity. The Gonudalend Park was founded 1878, and was opened in 2011, called the "Zoo of the Future". It has more than 17 000 plants and 300 species of animals. 

Travel to the Black Forest - Schwarzvald

Get ready for the rain, because it's raining almost all year round. And yet... you will see an exceptionally beautiful place – the Black Forest (Schwarzvald)  . If you want to touch the atmosphere of the German people, go there because the traditions and customs have been preserved in many places and it is this place that you can see people dressed in authentic costumes that kept the spirit of time. 

Walk in Frankfurt

The old city of Frankfurt is one of the most remarkable places to go in Germany. Once this place was a huge center of trade, with an internal market for Roman merchants. There is also the Frankfurter Cathedral, where German kings and emperors are crowned. The beauty of this fabulous place was restored completely after the Second World War. Walking in the old part of Frankfurt, you will also enjoy the old museums, churches, squares and shops.

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FAQs about Germany

What is the climate in Germany?

Tour guide will take you Germany has a warm, temperate and humid climate. Rarely there are large temperature amplitudes. It is raining nearly  all year round. Summers are hot from 18 º C to 20 º C, while the winter is mild-between 2-6 º C. Most of Germany is located in the temperate climatic zone, for which characteristic are damp western winds.

2/3 of the population of Germany are Christians, as they are Protestants or Catholics. About 4 million Muslims and 100 000 Jews live in this country. In Germany there are a large number of national religious holidays and even those who are atheists can enjoy a holiday during the holidays.

The price of the services includes VAT everywhere in Germany. 5 or 10% tip in the restaurant is quite acceptable. To a taxi driver it`s normal to leave between 50 cents and 2 Euros. For hotels you are expected to leave 1-3 Euros and to the baggage porter and between 3-5 Euros of the housekeeper for each night.

It is known that taxis in Germany are quite expensive and will significantly increase your costs if used constantly. It doesn't matter if you get it on the spot or make a phone call, the fare is the same. The starting prices are from 3 to about 5 euro. The tariff per kilometer ranges from about 1.2 euros to about 3, 70 euros depending on the region you are in.

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