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Sometimes it's hard to describe all those things that tourists love. 
 "Bienvenue dans le monde de l ' Amour" (Welcome to the world of Love). 
Did you hear love? That's it! France will conquer your heart, the air will change your perception. You will feel the whiff of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea, you will want to enjoy the last minute of the Alps and the Pyrenees. You're going to be in a place where you don't want to leave, and rightly so...  time is just not going to be enough to absorb all those beautiful sights that even the camera will get tired of memorizing.  When you step there, the history will begin to speak for itself, and all that you have heard and read will be dissolved in front of your eyes. In your mind will pop up memories of the hours of the history classes , when you have learned of the solid ruling of the King Sun Louis XIV.  And you will want to touch the power of Napoleon as soon as possible.  
You might feel that way that you are on a crossroad, wondering where to take it from there --whether or not to go to the southeast coast of France, in that lovely Marseille, where amazingly blue water and majestic limestone rocks will tire you and you will want to sit in one of those seaside cafes to have a warm French croissant. Or take to the east to Lyon-where the story does not sleep and you will have the opportunity to touch the Roman spirit, hidden in the ruins of the Fourviere district, and to rest your senses in the beautiful park Tete d'or   or you could go to the Loire Valley to feel how 280 kilometers of beauty are pouring all around you. In the air there is a scent of young vineyards that have grown roots around the small picturesque villages, where time seems to have sealed the brilliance of the glorious palaces. You can barely wait for the evening to taste the divine drink that so skillfully tempts you all day... but wait, there is time. You can't do this, not before you visit Paris. There, in the city of lights, love, wine and fashion, you will touch the real life of the French people and you will want to be  one of them for a little while.

Sitting on a bench and staring eyes at one of the greatest creations and a symbol of the city-the Eiffel Tower, he will win you with exquisite manners while greeting you with finesse, slightly tilting his hat. He will be smiling and will clearly give you a sign that it is L ' heure est pour le dîner (dinner time). You're so tired, you want to stop, but your inner voice makes you go on to the Arc de Triomphe. 

Grab the subway and go down to “Charles de Gaulle Etual” stop. Right there you will discover all the beauty of the Napoleon`s masterpiece. Breathless, you must also  please your stomach, which for hours has been fed only with beauty and style. Sit in the restaurant, from which opera sounds, order from those cheeses that melt in the mouth and finally bring the desire that hunts you from lunch and carefully pick a glass of the best wine. That's it! French cuisine in all its glory! Each bite melts in the mouth and you feel how your stomach is filled more and more, but it always hides room for another éclair. It's time for you to dive into Paris ' night life, and believe me, it has something to offer to you. Lights, music, passion, love-you will find everywhere, and when you wake up in the morning, you will want to take a walk on the Shanz Elysées before you take to the Versailles, which must be on the list "I must pay a visit with three exclamation marks". Ah, these gardens... you don't want to close your eyes, not even for a slight blink. How about now? Where? Of course, how could you not remember? Pack your bags and get a hat, lotion and more energy, because you'll need it to touch every corner of Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Nice. For there, the words are not going to be enough, because they will not be able to describe a small fraction of what awaits for you. Are you ready to move on? 


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Paris - The real masterpiece
Paris, France

You can't imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower. In fact, it is the only creation of Gustav Eiffel, provisionally built for the World Fair in 1889. Other sights in this iconic city are the Louvre museum, famous for its fabulous collection of paintings and the beautiful monument, the Arc de Triomphe.

Versailles - The royal residence
Versailles, France

Visiting Versailles you will meet "the embodiment of abundance." The magnificent palace is located about 16 km from Paris. Over the centuries it has been home to kings and queens, and today is a symbol of the French aristocracy. The former royal residence, principally associated with King Lui XIV, presents an era of progress of the French history.

Lyon - The ancient town of the French resort
Lyon, France

Starting your walk from the Saint-Jean Cathedral and continuing through the picturesque narrow streets of beautiful and Old Town, you will find spectacular views and sights such as the Notre Dame de la Fourvière, the Bellecour Square, the Lyon Opera and many more. 

Cannes – World Cinema Capital
Cannes, France

Cannes is one of the most glamorous Mediterranean resorts in France. Founded at the beginning of the 19th C, the former fishing village became the world cinema capital. The glamorous resort has been and is visited  by countless celebrities such as Sophia Loren, Charlie Chaplin, Princess Diana and many others. Don't miss to see this iconic place, part of the French Riviera.

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France is one of the largest countries in Europe, located in the northwest part of the old continent. The distinctive feature of France is its outlets to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.  Its land borders reach Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. The area is 675 417 km², with a population of 67.6 million people.


France has one of the best transport networks in Europe. Highways, railways, ferries and domestic air services cover the entire country, making the trip easy and enjoyable. Even Paris is connected to London through an underwater tunnel. Although buses are slower than rail, they are preferred by the tourists.

Languages Spoken

The national language is French. The essence of it is Roman with Latin roots. It is advisable to use a phrasebook because the French are nationalists and a few of them like to speak English. Nearly 300 million people around the world speak this language, known throughout the world as the language of love.


The official currency from 2002 year onwards, in France, is the Euro. The places where you can exchange currency are: banks, airports and stations, but the exchange course is almost always worse. It is advisable to exchange currency in your country. The payment with credit and debit cards is very common in France. 


For nationals of the European Union countries or from Canada and the USA there is no visa requirement. They can travel, live and work freely in France. If you do not have Canadian or American citizenship and you are not a citizen of an EU country, you are subject to visa regimes.


Contacts in France are of type F, plugs of type C and F also coincide if there is an additional opening. The standard voltage is 230 volts and the frequency is 50 hertz. You can use your appliances if you are from Europe, Australia and some Asian and African countries.   


Health in France is at a very high level. French hospitals maintain a high international standard. No vaccines are required to visit France, but the following are recommended: Hepatitis A and B, tetanus, seasonal flu, etc. For more information.

Emergency Calls

Emergency numbers are of course free and you can call from any phone, personal, home or public. In France the emergency numbers are as follows: medical – 15, police – 17, fire-18.  You can also dial an emergency number for the whole of Europe-112.

When to visit
Best time to visit the destination

In France, you can do anything you ever dreamt of. In the time between March and June you will be able to look at it in all and its charm, without worrying about the crowds of tourists who, like you, are eager to visit this paradise and to touch all its beauty. If you are a supporter of winter sports, wait for the period December-January. Then you will enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland.

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"Moulin Rouge"

The artistic souls must visit this emblematic place. Some of the best dancers and musicians will take care of your pleasant time while eating delicious food and drinking champagne. Performances contain nudity and are not suitable for any audience. Today the cabaret has kept the spirit and style of the past and this is one of the reasons you dive into this different atmosphere. 

On a cruise in France

In Paris you have the opportunity to make a daily cruise on the Seine River to various attractions such as: the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower. Besides this, there are other cruises that you can choose depending on your preferences. The river reveals picturesque and beautiful views, as well as many opportunities for tourists to get to view more sights in a short period of time.

The Opera Garnier in Paris

View the opera  from the neo-Baroque era and find out how Charles Garnier designed it. Step into the rotunda on the floor of mosaic. This place is fascinating. Gaston Leruh, impressed by the opera, wrote his novel "The Phantom of the Opera". To this day the Opera House inspires and enriches your inner world with its beauty and elegance of every detail in it.

Walk to Versailles

The palace is located 30 minutes from Paris by train. In 1623, Louis XIII built a hunting lodge there and this was the starting point of the blossoming of this area. Fountains, sculptures, the property of Marie Antoinette, are only part of the intriguing sites for viewing. Visit the palace and explore the "Room of Mirrors", walk through the famous all over the world beautiful gardens of Versailles.

The French Riviera

It  is located on the northern shores of the western Mediterranean. A place that you must visit when you go to France. Many aristocratic personalities have visited this place and to this day is one of the most popular places for wealthy people around the world. Beautiful landscapes and crystal water attract many Hollywood stars. Visiting that place brings the pilgrims the prestige of the touch to this wealth of nature.

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FAQs about France

Tips in restaurants?

In France almost everywhere the tip is included in the price. It would be a nice gesture to leave a tip, but by no means an obligation. In the nicest restaurants, where the best services are offered, to leave 20% above of the bill is considered to be quite normal.

The most convenient way to pay is through an international credit card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express can be used for payment in France in the same way as at home. Some merchants do not accept cards and to avoid such situations it is better to have Euros in your pocket. Prices are always inclusive of VAT, i.e. you always see the final amount that you will pay on the bill. It is best to exchange currency in advance in a bank in the country you are coming from.

Prices start from 2 Euros in Nantes, to 8 Euros in Bordeaux. In Paris, prices start at around 5 Euros. An hour of waiting in Paris will cost you nearly 36 Euros. 

In Paris smoking is prohibited and smokers do that outside the establishments. For the first time the restriction comes with a law in 1976, but from 2007 gets in the actual prohibition. It is prohibited everywhere in enclosed spaces: offices, schools, restaurants. 

For more than 20 years France has been one of the most visited places by tourists. With its exquisite cuisine, beautiful castles, selected wines, beautiful nature, the country attracts visitors. Don`t miss to see Marseille, Lyon, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, the French Riviera, Paris and many more wonderful and different places.

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