Egypt - A sandstorm of ecstasy

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The weather here passes like sand through your fingers, and you still have not satisfied the hunger of even a small part of the cult of exoticism, which you secretly confess and which you have built reading the "Book of the Dead", or while soaking up the mysticism of the Egyptian hieroglyphs. If you are not afraid of the curse of Tutankhamun, the power of the Egyptian amulets or the whispering prayers of the Holy scarab, then pack your bags and go through the portal of time to touch an ancient world of more than 5000 years. However old, the Egyptian universe still continues to rotate, preserved like a mummy wrapped in sand bandages and in boiling hot sun. Yes, the sand's hot, but you will get used to it. You're not even going to pay attention to it when you're facing the world's miracle. That's right – the Pyramids of Giza. You have the privilege to get to know the majestic granite and  limestone structures, to peek and feel the cold that springs from the Egyptian tombs, to enjoy the last remnants of marble decorations, or to unleash the papyrus of your emotions and to plunge in hugs of the unknown in some of the infinitely long tunnels. 
A tip - leave something for your imagination to keep it alive! After enjoying each of the three pyramids at Giza – of Khufu, Hefren and Mikerin, you can complete your pyramidal journey at Giza with the statue of the Great Sphinx. If you always hear, though quietly, the whispering and the spells of the Egyptian kings, consider this as a call to dissolve the massive golden gates of the Valley of the Kings in the city of Luxor. Although you have a chance to get acquainted with a small part of all over 60 tombs, this does not mean that this is the spell of Egypt. On the contrary, your consciousness will be lost in the floating passion of the ancient civilization and will resurface only when you finish your historical journey. And that's not going to happen before you visit Cairo, the capital of Egypt. The first thing that will capture your attention are the countless architectural wonders.

Wherever you turn, you will be amazed by the majestic mosques and old minarets, from the centuries-old prints of the cultures that have resided in these lands. Surely you should soak up the atmosphere of the religious temples "Al Azhar", "Al Hakim", "Ibn Tulun", "Sinan Pasha", "Amir" and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. We know you can't wait to ask if you can see a mummy? The Cairo Egyptian museum thought of that whim of yours. Tombs, sarcophaguses, attire of the pharaohs, Egyptian masks and jewels, and exquisitely preserved mummies add that glamour that you have dreamt about from your arrival. You must complete your book with memories of Egypt with the stone statues of pharaoh Amenhotep, the Pyramid of Djoser, the Citadel of Saladin, the ancient fortress of Babylon, and the Hanging Coptic Church. If you have some time left, you have to sink into one of the biggest bazaars in the world - Han El Khalil. Only here you will feel like God Osiris, sailing a boat on the River Nile, studying the underwater riches in the Red Sea, tearing  the sand dunes during an exciting safari adventure or riding a camel while learning the exotic treasures. If you are an avid fan of water sports, Egypt is your chance to become a world champion in  kites, or windsurfing. In Egypt there is also a place for fans of the waves and pristine beaches. Take a breath and sip of that of beauty, because this moment will be a reality once in your life. And if you're curious about a taste of traditional Egyptian cuisine, don't hesitate to try kušari and falafel. Just to let you know that the Egyptians deify spices, and you can experience the efficacy of your taste buds by tasting their food. Are you ready to go? 


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CAIRO – Egypt's Oasis
Cairo, Egypt

The capital of  Egypt is an attractive force for tourists from all over the world. Cairo is a gathering image of the Egyptian culture unfolds in front of  you through the impressive pyramids of Giza, the dozens of mosques, the citadel of Saladin.

Luxor – The jewel of the Nile
Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, without a second hesitation, unfolds before you an exquisite composition of granite majestic palaces and temples. In the town is located the ancient Egyptian complex Karnak, which is a an open-air museum, and includes in its self  ranks remnants of the greatness of the ancient civilization.

Sharm el Sheikh – the Bay of Delight
Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Welcome to the most luxurious city in Egypt. The beaches will show you the seven rounds of enjoyment and it will be extremely difficult for you to resist. The resort town also offers memorable attractions to feel the power of the ancient Egyptian civilization like the monastery "St. Constantine and Helena". 

Hurghada – The unwilting fountain of Beauty
Hurghada, Qesm Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada is another one of the exquisite resort towns in Egypt. You will be amazeded by the divine riffs, the pure water, which reflects the enchanting blue sky. Here you can windsurf, give yourself a ride through the desert, and meet the underwater inhabitants. 

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Egypt is a country located in northeastern Africa and the southwest part of Asia. It is bordered by Israel, Sudan, Libya and it is open to the Red and the Mediterranean Sea. It is separated from the Suez Canal on both continents. The population is mainly concentrated in the areas along the river Nile. Egypt is one of the most densely populated states in the world. 


Egypt has a good transport network. In major cities besides buses, you can also use taxis that are low-priced in comparison with most European countries, and only in Cairo you can take the metro. Between the cities are well-developed train lines and buses. It is not surprising that many tourists choose to cross cities with bicycles. 

Languages Spoken

The official language in Egypt is the modern Arabic, integrated after the time of the Arab slavery. Other spoken languages are Syrian and Berber. English is widely spoken among society, because of the English colonization in the past.


From 1834 the official currency in Egypt is Egyptian pound. You can exchange currency at exchange offices or banks. The euro, the dollar and the pound sterling are accepted there also. It is not good to exchange money at a hotel or pay in a restaurant, because you will not get a good rate.


From 2015 onwards  a visa is required in advance, and the tourist groups organized by an Egyptian travel agency are an exception.


Contacts in Egypt are of type C and F. Voltage is standard as  for most of the world and it is  220 V. F and C sockets work with C and E plugs. If in your country the voltage is between 220-240v you can use your appliances in Egypt.


There is no mandatory vaccines for entry into the state only if you do not come from a place with a high risk of infections. Standard vaccines for travelling abroad are recommended, but it is still a good idea to ask your doctor for information at least a month before you leave for Asia.

Emergency Calls

Emergency phone numbers in Egypt are: medical assistance is123, for fire is 180 and for the police is 122.

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To cross every tunnel of Egypt's riches,  mythology will not work.On the  contrary! And you're going to need a few lives. That means you have to come back here again and again to complete the papyrus with Egyptian spells for enjoyment and pleasure. Relax, here the temperatures are high, and the sun is friendly throughout the year, making Egypt a year-round tourist destination. 

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Walk through the the White Desert

The national park “The White Desert”  is located near the town of Farafra, and is one of the top destinations in Egypt. Initially the park was at the bottom of a lake, and then the famous white cliffs were formed. After drying, the bottom is transformed into a landmark. It is best to visit it during sunrise or sunset.

Camel riding in Egypt

Don't miss out on this fun and interesting experience. A camel riding in the desert is one of the things you must do in Egypt. The most beautiful views you can see is during sunset. Camels could be hired from Cairo, Aslan, Mount Sinai and many other places.

Cruise on the River Nile

Do not hesitate to experience this wonderful cruise journey along the longest river in the world-the Nile, which will meet you with amazing views and experiences. This is probably the best way to touch the history of this ancient place. Ships usually depart from Luxor, traveling to Aswan, and on the deck you will be greeted by the famous Hibiscus tea.

The Egyptian beaches

Egypt is well known all over the world with its  amazing beach stripes, also it`s a perfect place for practicing underwater sports and windsurfing. The sea flora and the great coral reefs make it one of the top destinations for divers. The beautiful beaches of the Red and the Mediterranean sea annually attract millions of tourists. The radiant sunshine all year round, the wild beaches and the mountain backdrop set Hurghada as the nicest place to visit.

Try Egypt food

Traditional Egyptian cuisine is neither the most famous nor the most widespread, but it is incredibly delicious. To a large extent it is influenced by the Lebanese cuisine. The Egyptian food is dominated by legumes and vegetables, but also has meat products. Very balanced on ingredients, there are specific dishes in each region of the country. One of the most popular things you can eat is Kušari, you should also try the dishes with beans and the famous meatballs-falafel.

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FAQs about Egypt

Can we use credit and debit cards in Egypt?

Payment with Visa and MasterCard is possible in a large number of hotels and restaurants, but it is not advisable to pay with cards because of the high bank charges. You'd better bring cash for payment.

The water in Egypt is potable, and it is not recommended for drinking because it contains very high levels of chlorine that can cause discomfort.

ATMs are available in most major hotels and in front of banks in the more developed cities. Charging your card before heading to Egypt is a good choice if you are worried about carrying all your money in cash.

It is not safe to travel only in the remote desert areas, and in most cases attacks happen mainly against local police or governmental buildings, and very rarely in tourist areas. 

Egypt is a country with a rather warm climate. We recommend wearing shorts and a T-shirt to feel comfortable and not too hot.

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